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Watch oil, oilstone powder, cleaning solutions, demagnetizer

Watch oil, oilstone powder, cleaning solutions, demagnetizerWATCH OIL
A fine grade animal or fish oil is used to lubricate the moving parts of a watch.

This abrasive powder is used in finishing metal. It is mixed with oil into a paste. When applied to a grinding slip, it may be used to grind pivots or other steel surfaces.

This type of cloth is used by watchmakers and jewelers in handling watches and jewelry to keep it free from finger marks. It is a lint-free, washable cloth.

There are many commercially prepared cleaning and rinsing solutions in use. They are alike in this respect: they remove the old oil, clean and brighten the parts, and dry without leaving any sediment. Many watchmakers prepare their own solutions, using formulas that have been found to give satisfactory results.

This is an electrical device used to remove magnetism from a watch movement. It is a desirable piece of equipment, for there is no other convenient method of demagnetizing.

A small magnetic compass is used to detect magnetism in a watch.

These are tapered cutting tools designed to enlarge holes. They are usually made up in assortments of different sizes. They are used in fitting hands to movements and similar jobs.

This vise-like device is used to hold hands while they are being broached.

Brushes & watch oilers
SOFT WATCH BRUSH Used to remove any particles of dust or lint that may settle on the parts of the movement after cleaning. This brush should not be used after the movement has been assembled due to the presence of oil and the possibility of smearing it. WATCH OILERS Used to oil the

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