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Watch tags, roller jewels, pivot rounder, screw head file

Watch tagsWATCH TAGS
Tags are used by a watchmaker to identify a customer’s watch during repair. These tags may be plain, in which case you will fill in the desired information, such as name, date, charge and so forth.  More elaborate tags include a tag number, space for explanation of work performed, and the like. Tags are excellent for the beginner to use in repairs made in his practice work.

When doing repair work it is desirable to have an assortment of roller jewels in a complete range of sizes, including both short and long jewels to fit both single and double rollers. The “D”-shape jewels are the most commonly used. They are gauged in 1/100 mm.

ROLLER REMOVERroller jewels, pivot rounder
This tool is used to remove roller tables and is designed for use with a bench block or staking tool.

This tool is designed for use with the staking tool and is used for removal of riveted balance staffs.

This small tool is fitted with a sapphire end which is placed over the bent pivot. Revolving the rounder between the fingers forces the pivot back to its original position. It also removes burrs and polishes the pivot.

A small hand vise is used to hold small objects, such as a stem, needle, and similar items.

knife-edge file used to cut the screw driver slot in the head of a screwSCREW HEAD FILE
A very fine-cutting, knife-edge file used to cut the screw driver slot in the head of a screw. It is also used to shape regulator pins and the like.

Cannon pinion, roller jewel setter, shellac
CANNON PINION TOOL Used to tighten a cannon pinion. There are other methods used to close or fit a cannon pinion but the cannon pinion tool is considered the most practical and safest method. ROLLER JEWEL SETTER Used to hold and conduct heat to the roller table in order to set or make

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