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Breguet clocks

antique timepieces BreguetBy the second half of the 18th century the watch mechanism got more sophisticated, and it became thinner and more flat. Abraham Louis Breguet, a well-known master and friend of Marat — leader of the French Revolution, worked a lot at the modernisation of timepieces. Among the watches by Breguet kept in the Museum collection especially interesting as to its decoration is the watch with blue transparent enamel on guilloche background.
Breguet clocks

The first running spring clocks
Some timepieces, such as sun-dials and water-operated watches were known to people from time immemorial. Smaller individual timepieces became possible only after the running spring was invented. It was at the beginning of the 16th century that Peter Heinlen from Nuremberg made several spring clocks. Soon they began to

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