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Timepieces with enamel plates

old clock enamel plateThere are some very interesting timepieces with such enamel plates. It is an English watch showing a lady painted in colours characteristic of French enamellers’ manner, and a Dutch watch by master H. Petri with a beautifully done composition Susannah and the Elders.

By early 18th century French-painted enamels had won renown all over Western Europe, and English watchmakers encased their mechanisms in cases commissioned to French enamellers. In decorating their works the enamel artists made use of their own compositions or reproduced other artists’ works.
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In the first quarter of the 18th century the leadership in enamel painting was taken over by Switzerland. The work of Swiss enamellers of the period can well be seen in the works of master Hanhart; their surface is decorated with exquisitely done pictures from Greek mythology. But it was not

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