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Table or Bench. Watchmakers Auxiliary Home Bench.

Table or Bench

The repairing of watches is a clean occupation so that it is not necessary for the prospective Watchmaker to don overalls or go out to the garage to practice his chosen profession. It is essential that you have a bench or table of some kind on which to work. The kitchen, library or dining table is from 30 to 31 inches high and for fine work is too low for a comfortable position. It is most important that you have a working surface of the correct height from the floor if you are to do your work without tiring. With the top of your bench at the right height and a chair or stool to match, it is possible to work for long periods without fatigue.
Watchmaker workbench

Watchmakers Auxiliary Home Bench

In our resident school, especially among the night students, I found a demand for some kind of a portable bench for home work. Owing to the fact that many of our students were staying with private families where there was not much room to spare, it was necessary that it occupyas little floor space as possible without sacrificing the size of its working surface.
This idea of an auxiliary bench to be used in connection with a table occurred to me and the model shown in picture wag thus developed.
Watchmakers Auxiliary Home Bench
This has proven most convenient for the beginner who does not wish to invest in a regular watchmakers bench. By using it on top of a dining room table, a library or kitchen table it is possible to have a real practical bench of the correct height, strong and durable yet light enough to be lifted easily on and off any convenient table.

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There are two supports which bring the surface to just the right height to make the most comfortable working position and these supports are protected by felt pads so there is no danger of marring the finish on any piece of furniture with which it is used. Its solid top is finished with a groove near the front edge as are the most expensive watchmaker’s benches. It is large enough to mount a watchmaker’s easily stored in a small closet when not in use.

All in all this Auxiliary Home Bench makes an ideal accessory for Watchmakers and is re commended not only to our students in their home work but also to the Master Watchmaker who wishes to have a portable bench which is accessible at all times for any extra work he may wish to do at home

The Master Bench

For those who wish a Master Watchmaker Bench, I would recommend the model shown in figure 2.
Master Bench
Here is a bench that is an ornament to any home or store, beautifully finished, with ample storage space — one that will last for a life time and serve you well.

This flat top bench has eight drawers and a compartment with door in lower right hand corner. Underneath the long center drawer can be seen the “apron slide”, A in figure 2. This is a frame on which should be tacked a canvas, muslin or oil cloth bottom. The purpose of this apron is to catch anything which may slip off the bench or from the hands while seated at the bench.

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About 3/8 of an inch from the front edge of the top at B is a groove running the entire length of the bench. This groove catches many small pieces that might otherwise roll off. The other three sides of the top are protected by solid guard rails as shown at C.

This bench also can be furnished with drawers all the way down on the right side which some watchmakers prefer to the cupboard-like arrangement shown here.

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