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Explained in detail about the watchmaker’s workplace equipment

Chuck holders, gravers, saw

The Watchmaker’s Lathe

Truing calipers, balance screw cutters, overcoiling tweezers

Watchmaker’s staking sets

A Practical Staking Set for Beginners

The staking tool, punches, stumps

Friction jeweling tools

Watch tags, roller jewels, pivot rounder, screw head file

Cannon pinion, roller jewel setter, shellac

Needle files, pegwood, pithwood

Watch oil, oilstone powder, cleaning solutions, demagnetizer

Brushes & watch oilers

Flat file, Bench block, blower, jewel pusher

Mainspring winder, micrometer, hand remover

Polishing paste, cement, paraffin, spring bars

Ligne gauge, clock oil, crystal material

Bench keys, Sleeve wrenches, pliers

Tools: screwdrivers, tweezers, loupes

Tools: bench, tool chest, lamps, case openers
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