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Bench keys, Sleeve wrenches, pliers

Bench keys

These usually come in sets of three with double end and are used for winding and setting watches after removal from the case. They are seldom applicable to watches of Swiss manufacture, which use a different type of winding and setting arrangement. The beginner can readily make a set of bench keys from steel rod. After the pieces have been shaped to the proper size squares they should be hardened and tempered to a blue color. They can then be mounted in handles of metal or wood. The following dimensions are the most common:

Length of square Thickness of square
.6 mm 1.5 mm
5.5 mm 1.3 mm
4.5 mm 1.1 mm
4.5 mm 1.0 mm
3.3 mm .8 mm
3.3 mm .6 mm

Sleeve wrenches, Flat pliers, Alcohol lamp
Sleeve wrench
Sleeve wrenches have 3, 6 or 10 prongs. The prongs are of varied shapes and sizes and in pocket watch cases.

Flat pliers

Flat pliers have a variety of uses to the watchmaker and jeweler. A flat plier of good quality, approximately 4-1/2 inches long, is ordinarily used. The beginner may use any type of plier by taking precaution not to mar the surface of the parts being worked on.

Parallel Jaw Pliers

Used to hold small objects more securely. They differ from the conventional flat nose pliers in that the jaws remain parallel whether open or closed.

Alcohol lamp

A small alcohol lamp similar to the one shown is a necessary piece of equipment for the watchmaker’s bench. The fuel for these lamps is usually obtainable in a drug or paint store and is a denatured alcohol suitable for burning.

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