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Brushes & watch oilers


Brushes & watch oilers
Used to remove any particles of dust or lint that may settle on the parts of the movement after cleaning. This brush should not be used after the movement has been assembled due to the presence of oil and the possibility of smearing it.


Used to oil the parts of the watch. They are usually made of steel or nickel ground to a diamond-shaped tip. They are available in a variety of sizes, the smallest being used to oil those parts requiring the smallest amount of oil, and so on. The beginner may make his own oilers from needles. The illustration shows the shape of the tip.


This tool is used to induce oil through the balance hole jewel onto the cap jewel. The beginner may make one by reducing a fine piece of steel such as a needle to a very fine point, approximately 5/100 mm.


Used to brush off the dial after the movement has been assembled as well as to remove any dust or lint before casing the movement.


Used by the watchmaker as a container for alcohol, benzine, naptha, and so forth. These are solutions used in cleaning. The alcohol cap is usually fitted with a ground glass top, which retards evaporation. The beginner may use any small glass jar.


These pint jars hold cleaning solutions. The beginner may use mason jars or any other good substitute so long as there is not a rubber seal on the jar. Cleaning solutions will cause rubber to dissolve and contaminate the solution.

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Used to string parts for hand cleaning. Also used in lathe work.

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