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Cannon pinion, roller jewel setter, shellac

cannon pinion toolCANNON PINION TOOL
Used to tighten a cannon pinion. There are other methods used to close or fit a cannon pinion but the cannon pinion tool is considered the most practical and safest method.

Used to hold and conduct heat to the roller table in order to set or make adjustments to the roller jewel.

A feeler gauge used to measure the pallet fork slot to determine the proper size of roller jewel.

These are small brass washers used in poising balance wheels and timing of watches. They come in assortments, Small tapered brass pins, shredded shellacand are segregated in sizes and weights to fit the different sizes of watches. The weight is designated by a listing of the approximate amount of time it will alter a watch, such as 1 minute, 2 minutes, etc. This listing refers to a pair of washers placed on opposite screws near the neutral point on the balance wheel rim.

STUD PINS Small tapered brass pins used in studding hairsprings. May also be used in replacing regulator pins etc.

This shellac is used in cementing roller jewels.

Used with the lathe in cementing jewel settings, staffs, etc. This cement may also be used for setting roller jewels if you have no shredded shellac.

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