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Flat file, Bench block, blower, jewel pusher


a flat file from six to ten inches long, steel block
An ordinary file is in order around the watchmaker’s bench. As a general rule, watchmakers have a variety of small files, but the reference here is to a flat file from six to ten inches long and with a medium cut.


This steel block has various size holes and slots to support different parts of the watch on which work is being done.


Used to blow off particles of lint or for drying certain parts of the watch, such as the balance and pallet fork. Not an essential item for the beginner, but a must for the professional. The beginner may substitute a small rubber syringe which can be purchased in a drug store.


several size pushers, oil cups, brush
This tool is used to push out jewel settings such as a cap and balance jewel in setting. The tool has several size pushers to match different size settings. The beginner may use pegwood cut to the required size.


Watchmakers use a small covered receptacle to hold oil. Only a little oil should be kept in the cup at a time and the cup should be cleaned frequently. The watchmaker should have at least three oil cups:

  1. for clock oil
  2. for regular watch oil
  3. for bracelet watch oil

The beginner may be able to obtain, small glass salt caps for this purpose.


This brush is used in the hand method of cleaning watches to scrub plates and other parts.
It is made of materials that will not set up a chemical reaction in the solutions, which might
cause corrosion.

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