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Friction jeweling tools


Friction jeweling tools
This tool is used to ream, press in and make adjustments to friction jewels. If the jewel to be replaced is a friction jewel, you need only press out the cracked or otherwise damaged jewel, determine the size of the hole (if the hole is not damaged), press in a friction jewel of the proper diameter and pivot hole size and adjust for proper end-shake. If the hole has been damaged, you should ream it with the next size reamer and then press in the proper size jewel.
In replacing other types of jewels with friction jewels, a more thorough knowledge of jewels and jewel settings is needed.


The basic set will usually consist of the following:
Friction jeweling tool (with micrometer adjustment to control depth)the complete set will usually include

  • Reamer holder
  • Reamers (12 to 15)
  • Pusher holder
  • Pushers (12)
  • Anvils (5)


The complete set will usually include in addition to the basic parts:

  • Concave pushers
  • Pump pushers
  • Hole reducing punches
  • Set of tools for setting friction pallet arbors.


The deluxe set will usually include in addition to the parts listed above:

  • Grinding stone (for refacing pushers)
  • Holder for jewel settings
  • Face plate with additional clamps
  • Set of centering points
  • Set of pushers and anvils for setting hands
  • Handle with set of chucks
  • Tool for straightening pivots
  • Pivot gauge
  • Uprighting pump tool
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