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Mainspring winder, micrometer, hand remover

mainspring windersMAINSPRING WINDER for Pocket Watches
The mainspring winder is an indispensable tool used to insert the mainspring in the barrel. The winder illustrated has six loading barrels, the smallest being 8.8 mm, and is graduated up to 16.0 mm. It comes with two sizes of winding arbor. This winder is used on pocket size watches.

MAINSPRING WINDER for Bracelet Watches
This set of 8 mainspring winders for brace-let watches ranges in size from 5 mm to 10 mm. They are a necessity for the watchmaker who works on small watches. There is no practical substitute for a mainspring winder.

MAINSPRING COILING PLIERSmetric micrometer, assembly block, hand remover
These pliers, with a specially designed end, are used to adjust the inner coil of a main-spring to fit the arbor. Slight alterations can be made with a pair of heavy tweezers if care is used not to snap off the end.

The illustrated metric micrometer is graduated in 1/100 of a millimeter. This is a must item for the beginner as well as the professional. Practically all working parts of a watch are gauged in hundredths of a millimeter.

The assembly block is a cylinder used to hold the movement while working on it. The illustrated set is of plastic and ranges in size from 7-3/4 lignes to 18 size.

This tool is designed to remove the hands of a watch without damage to the dial. Some of the old time watchmakers use two small screw drivers to pry up the hands while protecting the dial with either celluloid or watch paper.

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