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Polishing paste, cement, paraffin, spring bars

silver polishing pastePOLISHING PASTE
A good silver polishing paste can be used to polish the edges of a crystal after the rough edges have been smoothed with crocus paper. This polish can also be used to polish silverware and jewelry.

This is an abrasive material which is glued to smooth paper. It is used to remove scratches from metals and plastic. The student may use it to smooth the edge of non-breakable watch crystals.

Crystal cement generally comes in tubes. These tubes are made with a needle cap which allows the cement to flow freely. Replacing the cap will keep the cement clean and liquid. It is used primarily as a sealer between the bezel and the crystal to keep dust from entering and not to hold the crystal in place.Crystal cement generally comes in tubes

Replacement cords for ladies watch bands come in different diameters. The principal color is black. The old cord is used as a guide when replacing the cord. After the new cord has been cut to length, the ends should be dipped in hot wax.

A small piece of paraffin wax is ideal for tipping the ends of the cord bands used on ladies’ watches. The wax can be heated in a small material can.

Small metal containers of varying shapes are known in the trade as material cans. They are usually furnished by the supply houses to hold watch material in mailing.

A small assortment of spring bars should be kept handy at all times. They come in assorted lengths in either regular or thin diameters.

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