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Watchmaker’s staking sets

The professional watchmaker’s staking set usually contains from 80 to 120 punches and 20 stumps. More punches allow a greater variety of sizes to be handled. This is important to the watchmaker who has to work on many different makes of watches. Having the proper size punch readily available will speed up the work. For the beginner who intends to follow up watchmaking as a career, this investment should be carefully considered. The set illustrated here has 120 punches and 25 stumps and can be equipped with a friction jeweling attachment. The punches can be inverted as illustrated. As shown in the table below, it is also possible to start with a smaller set and add other punches as necessary or as you can afford them. A staking set will last a lifetime, if given average care.Watchmaker's staking sets

Staking tool sets can be purchased in different combinations, the most common of which are listed below:

133 punches 25 stumps
120 20
*100 20
*80 20
60 12
**48 8
**36 6
**24 4

* These sets come in boxes drilled for 120 punches and 30 stumps. Thus, you can add punches and stumps to these sets at any time.
** These sets come in boxes drilled for 60 punches and 15 stumps, enabling you to add punches and stumps to these sets at any time. They are useful starter sets.


friction jeweling attachment, brass hammerMany manufacturers of staking sets also make a friction jeweling attachment to fit the staking frame. It is more desirable to have a separate friction jeweling tool, but for those doing watch repair as a hobby or side line, this attachment will take care of most needs. With the attachment are included reamers, reamer holder and pushers. This attachment may be permanently attached to the staking frame without interfering with normal use of the tool.

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This tool, used in the removal of single or double rollers, is designed for use with the staking tool. The illustrated tool has three adjustable stumps in different sizes which allows the tool to be used to remove rollers in practically any size watch.


This tool, also designed for use with the staking tool, is used in the removal of riveted balance staffs. The staff and wheel are placed on the die plate in a hole just large enough to accommodate the hub of the staff. Using the screw adjustment on the staff remover, the arms of the wheel are pressed down firmly against the die plate, thus preventing the arms from bending when the staff is driven out.
(A more desirable method than this of re-moving a balance staff, is to place it in a lathe and cut away the hub. This method minimizes the chance of damage to the wheel.)


This brass hammer is used with the staking tool. A steel hammer should never be used as it will damage the punches. About 3 oz. weight is the proper size hammer.

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