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Austrian Clock Manufacturers Hallmarks

Andres & Dworsky, Karlstein an der Thaya
KAD Made in Austria Trademark tower trees (1890)
Julius Bellak, Viena
Zenata bird on branch (1909) – Graziosa (1903) – Clover within circles (1904) – Csikos Marque Deposee man (1905) – Angelo (1903) – Olgetta (1903) – Bellmona (1903) – Rival (1903) – Nachtigal ave (1905) – JBW hands (1906) – Protection Trade Mark ave (1902) – Pallas star (1903)
Watch wholesaler, 1880.
Max Bohnel, Viena
Schutz Marke Flugelanke Anchor Wings (1925) – Horse Hoop (1925) – Chronomax (1906)
A. & M. Engel, Viena
E angeles oval (1900)
Representative of different watch brands
Johann Franke, Teschen
JFT (1899)
It seems that he was the founder of Uhrenfabrik Cieszyn in Poland, also like Franke & Gronemann. Wall and standing clocks
Franke & Gronemann, Teschen
FG or GF (1891)
Watchmaker, separated in 1899, Franke continued as Johann Franke
Philipp Fromme, Viena
Manufacturer of Pocket watches and boxes.
Erste Karlsteiner, Karlstein
EKU star (1885) – KO Karlstein Osterreich (1885)
first watchmaking industry in Karlstein, started in 1882.
Max Klumak, Viena
MK star (1911)
Philip Kohn, Viena
G Roskopf (1906) – Omma (1911) – Perfekt (1902) – Jntac Philip star (1900?) – Arpad corona (1900?) – Fortuna (1900) – Renome (1903) – Roskopf Watch horseshoe horse (1903) – Triumpf FF in diamond (1903)
Pocket watches 1900. Weber & Dubois watch dealer
Miller & Sohn, Viena
Miller & Sohn in Wien, 1830
Josef Mühlhauser, Karlstein
MPK (1873) – M&Sohn Karlstein (1873) – MP abeto (1873)
Started in 1883, the name was Mühlhauser and Pleskot, in 1905 J.Mühlhauser & Sohn and in 1912 Uhrenfabrik Mühlhauser. The factory closed around 1928.
F. Nicolaus, Viena
Ernst Pollmann, Uhren & Apparatebau, Karlstein
Pollmann Uhren clock with pendulum (1950)
Watch factory.
Gebruder Resch, Viena
Remember GR (1921) – GR Remember needle (1921)
Lorentz Resch, founded in 1862 a modest watchmaking company in Vienna. In 1871 he moved to Ebensee, (Upper Austria). Shortly before finishing the transfer, Resch died. His three sons went on to develop the company RESCH, the largest watch manufacturer in Austria. In the year 1901, it was sold to Junghans AG Schramberg. The factory became Junghans RESCH family business. After the First World War (1914-1918), Junghans was unable to continue the manufacture of watches in Ebensee.
F. Ronsperger, Viena
Austria FRW crown coat of arms (1892)
Trade in watch movements.
Adolf Stern, Viena
Inside a star (1886)
These watches have been produced by the Hamburg-Amerikanishe Uhrenfabrik in Schramberg (Black Forest) for the company Adolf Stern of Vienna.
Carl Suchy et Söhne, Viena
C Suchy Prag (1839) – C Suchy et Sohne (1839)
He was a watchmaker for the royal court of Vienna and one of the great watchmakers in Austria. It is known that he worked in Prague from 1827 to 1839..
CA. Wolf, Viena
Sonora clock (1911)
Watch merchant
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