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Chopard Watches

Chopard Watches are among the few prestigious watch brands, valuing the world. The company was founded in 1860 by Louis-Ulysses Chopard, who founded the production Sonviye, in the mountains of Switzerland. Fast enough firm has earned a reputation for high-quality pocket chronometers, and then became the official supplier of the Chopard watch products. Swiss railways have always been known for its great accuracy. When increased demand for alarm clocks and pocket watches of Chopard was on the decline, the company began production of attractive jewelry watches, moved to the center of watchmaking – Geneva.

In 1963, the company became the property of Charles Shefel, but Paul-André Chopard worked for the company until his death.

Chopard Watches

Basis on which family Shefel continues to raise the reputation of the company, which is formed on the reverence for the watchmaking traditions and the natural desire to future, to technical progress.

Workshop for watches in a small town there Sonvile in mid 18th century, so it is not surprising that the father of the future founder of the company, too, was a watchmaker, though this profession has brought him neither fame nor wealth. Future founder, however, a child was with watch movements, and reaching the age of 24, Louis-Ulysse opened his own studio watches.

Since Chopard watches and continued to do until 1963, when Paul Andre Chopard at the age of 80 years realized that none of the heirs did not want to work in the watch business – and what to do with the company – was unclear until this story Karl Scheufele.

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If you go back a half-century ago, Louis-Ulysse Chopard then went to Moscow to actively enter the watch market in Eastern Europe. At the same time, another jeweler, much younger, met in the United States and collect copies of watches of local production in suitcases. Arriving in New York, a watchmaker from Germany stayed in a luxury hotel, and soon sold the first watches of hotel guests, who spoke about the watches your friends.

After 50 years, there was a meeting Scheufele and Chopard at a time, when each of them to life existed unsolvable problem. Paul Andre wanted a family business successor, Karl Scheufele badly needed regardless of watchmaking in Switzerland. Both watchmaker decided that they could mutually decide the interests of each other, after which it became the property of the family Chopard Scheufele. Carl decided to keep the standards of quality and tradition of Chopard, he expanded the company – from 12 to 720.

In 1975, the company moved out of the city center in Meyrin-Geneva, in 1986, in Geneva, in the opening of Chopard boutique. In 1996 he built a new factory in the town of Fleury, in the Jura mountains, which if brought back to the origins of the company, at the same time to determine the beginning of a new stage of watchmaking, because in Fleury company launched a Chopard watch-class.

Scheufele sought to complete independence of the company, for which it was necessary to make yourself completely all watch parts.

Three years of work – and a new model of a clock in which the mechanism from the first to the last detail has been created in the production of Chopard, was created What happened in 1996. Model L.U.C. 1860 has been subjected to a severe test in order to obtain the famous all over the world, “Hallmark of Geneva”, which guarantees the authenticity of the watches of the Geneva watchmaker.

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In 1997, this model won the award “Watch of the Year” in the competition held by journalists and traders realizing watch retail. As a result – all issued watches of this brand have been sold for the year.

At the Basel Fair in 1999 introduced a new version Chopard LUC called L.U.C. 2000. New watches retained most of the features characteristic of the LUC 1860, they also have a classic style, the difference is the sporty new watch. Bracelet new model was made in two versions – rubber and leather, so the model will be appropriate and during training, and in the business environment. This watch is water resistant to a depth of 100 meters and is equipped with a special mechanism LUC 4.96, with a certified chronometer. This model was released a series of only 4000 copies, half of which was made from stainless steel, and the other half – in a gold case 750.

Chopard is proud to law – to create a closed loop production helped the company not just take a worthy place in the watch market, but in a fairly small circle of the elite watchmaking.

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