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Company Baume & Mercier

In 1830, the family Baume of Western Switzerland based company Baume & Mercier. Immediately after the Baume & Mercier has teamed up with well-known jeweler Paul Mercier in Geneva, in 1918, the company faced a wave of popularity. At this time, the company is making watches – Baume & Mercier was able to establish itself as a leading manufacturer of sports chronographs.

Baume & Mercier, along with leaders in their field – Brand Piaget and Cartier, have a powerful triad group under watch name Richemont Group. To date, Baume & Mercier has subsidiaries in more than 75 countries and continues to develop its production, producing annually about 200,000 watches. In addition, among the priorities of the company, one of the key markets of Europe occupy. In particular markets of France, Spain and Italy. It is important to note that the clock from the company Baume & Mercier, in Germany only sold about 220 specialty stores. More recently, the company opened its own production in Le Brenets.

From recently, the company Baume & Mercier won the title of watch fashion trendsetter. Back in the mid-90’s, a special collection of Hampton set a new style watches, and thus caused a wave of imitators. Collection “Hampton” was named in honor of one of the most fashionable seaside resorts on the east coast of America. Baume & Mercier firm again won all his fans and confirmed its reputation as a trendsetter for its model Catwalk. New, avant-garde, innovative solutions combining rubber and steel, will not leave anyone indifferent. Catwalk model was performed in the avant garde, organically combining shiny steel surface with a rubber bracelet functioning as intermediaries for the product.

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Company Baume & Mercier, today continues to maintain its leading position. The company’s expertise is based on the models of watches 70s – namely, the clock Hampton Spirit with its popular model TV Screen at the time. Model got its name due to the similarity of the hull form with an inexhaustible source of entertainment – a television screen. In 1970, the company took advantage of the leading designers inventions elegantly fit them in horology new millennium. Hampton Spirit model has several angular shape, which was complemented perfectly smoothed Hampton City. Thus, the dials of the new generation TV Screen, in 2003, consistent with the current shape of television screens. Despite the design innovations, the technical part of movements of Baume & Mercier focuses on the eternal virtues in the field of mechanics – the reliability and durability that allows you to always keep talking about the eternal virtues of fashion, which has the ability to return to humanity every three decades.

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