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England Clock Manufacturers Hallmarks

Henry Abrahams Barnett, Londres
BHA inside an oval (1900) – BHA Reliance London (1899)
Dealer/Importer of Gustav Becker watches, music boxes…
Andrew y Co. Limited, Londres
Perivale (1920)
These watches were marketed by Andrew and Co. Limited. Clocks with 8 and 14 day winding, with combined Whittington chimes and Westminster chimes
Arthur Baume, Londres
watchmaker and importer.
J.W. Benson, Londres
Goldsmith and watchmaker. 1884
Bentima Co. Ltd, Londres
Bentina – Perivale All British Clocks trident warrior clock.
Watch merchant made by others, such as Perivale Clock Manufacturing Co.
Joel Blanckensee & Co, Birmingham
Le Roi Rey (1899) – Trade Mark Bee (1876)
Trader and importer of Swiss watches. The bee mark is seen on IWC watch movements, which were imported into England. 1899
All British Escapement Co, Londres
ABEC escapement wheel (1928)
Manufacturer of platform escapements for Smith and Jaeger. In 1931 it was renamed British Jaeger.
British United Clock Co, Birmingham
BUC Co (1885) – Trade Mark BUC Co (1885)
watch maker.
British Watch Cases, Londres
BWC (1937)
Watch cases manufacturer.
Combine Watch Co, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Swiss
CWCo rombo (1926) – Albion ship (1925)
Watches and parts. With the Albion brand they exported watches to England.
S.Davall & Sons, Londres
Davall made in England (1931) – Tower Bridge London (1931)
English watch manufacturer. 1930
E. Dent & Co, Londres
Dent London (1876) – Dent triangle (1876)
Watches and precision instruments.
John Dent, Londres
Sultan luna star (1885)
Exporter to the Turkish market.
Dyer & Cartland, Birmingham
Marca:Dyer (1823)
Pocket watches. Later as James Cartland & Co and James Cartland & Sons
Samuel Edgcumbe, Plymouth
SE ovalo (1870)
J.J. Elliott & Sons Ltd, Clerkenwel
JJE England (1908)
Quality watches.
FW Elliot Ltd., Londres
Elliott London (1882) – E inside circle (1883) – FW Elliot Ltd (1885)
Watch manufacturers Imperial.
Enfield Clock Co, Londres
SMITHS ENFIELD (1933) – SMITHS ASTRAL (1933) – NTG Tempora foreign (1930)
Founded in 1929 by Carl Schatz, J W Roles, Charles Baxter and F H Chisholm. In 1933 it was sold to Smiths Industries. This led to the world famous Smiths Enfield watches.
Fattorini & Sons, Yorkshire
Fattorini & Sons (1850) – FFS (1850)
Antonio Fattorini, Italian immigrant, in 1850 he set up a jewelry and watch shop.
Charles Frodsham, Londres
Crown Anchor medal of honor medal of the Queen
Manufacturer of watches. 1834
Fulda & David Ltd., Londres
F&D (1907)
Watch trading.
Garrard Engineering and Manufacturing Company, Londres
Garrard Proven Patent Made in England (1925)
It was formed in 1915 for the manufacture of rangefinders for the army and rope springs for gramaphones. A subsidiary company Garrard Clock Ltd began making the clocks in 1931. They made luxury watches, but with machinery from others, including a movement with the choice of Westminster, Winchester and Whittington chimes with the fully jeweled lever.
Alfred Holgate Russell, Londres y Liverpool
Tempus Fugit water paddle wheel (1878)
Manufacturer of instruments and clocks. Also like Alfred Russell & Co.
George Holloway, Londres
Crown with Cross Hollowa Co Trade H&Co Mark (1876)
W.J Huber, Londres
WJH within an oval
Carriage Clock Factory, 1872
JC.Jennens & Son, Londres
JC.Jennens & Son
Founded in 1853 and continued by his son until 1912. They made long case watches.
Kelvin & James Ltd., Glasgow
Lord Kelvin Trade Mark (?)
Instrument maker.
J.R.Losada, Londres
J.R.Losada Londres (1879)
Spanish watchmaker, born in Leon and emigrated to London. Watches, chronometers and parts.
Thomas Mercer Ltd, Londres
Electric clocks in St. Albans, London, founded 1858. Manufactured chronometers, still in operation today.
Albert Mond, Londres
Inventic (1917)
Importer to England of Eduard Kummer watches
H.B. Muir & Co, Londres
H.B.MUIR & Co London head shield (1882)
Watch and instrument trade
New England Clock, Bristol, USA
New England Clock (1956)
Newsome & Co, Londres
JN&Co L&Co ancora Trade Mark Registred
Watch maker, also like Ellis Newton in Birmingham.
Ellis Newton, Birmingham
L J.N. & Co. C ancoras (1881)
Instrument and jewelry maker
Nielsen & Co. Ltd., Londres
Nicole Nielson & Co. London romb (1879)
Perivale Clock Manufacturing Co, Londres
British anvil Anvil Made in Perivale-London – Perivale All British Clocks trident warrior clock
Manufacturer 8 and 14 day winding clocks, with combined Whittington chimes and Westminster chimes. The Anvil brand with the anvil is shared with Anton Neininger
Alrber Perrier Marie, Londres
Luna star (1881)
Manufacturer and watchmaker
Henri Picard & Frere, Londres
Geneva Springs (1885) – Progress Trade Mark (1888) – Martin (1886) – Leon montaƱa (1913)
Watches and parts. It was the English branch of Henri Picard & Freres. Today it still works.
Pinnacle Watch Co. Ltd, Londres
Pinnacle Watch Gallo (1931)
Watch merchant.
Platauer Brothers, Birmingham y Bristol
Wheeler Bros horse (1879)
Robert Pringle & Co, Londres
WW lanzas (1881) – RP&S hachas Registred Trade Mark (1889)
Watch merchant. Also as Robert Pringle & Sons
Joseph Radges & Co, Coventry
London Coutts & Co (1879)
Rankin Catrine
Scottish watchmaker of 1807
Redfern & Co, Finsbury
E Election Grand Prix Berne 1914 (1917)
Election watch importer in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Swiss
Arthur George Rendell, Londres
AGR (1907)
Swiss watch importer.
Richard & Co, Paris-Londres, France-England
RC (1867) – R&C (1867) – R&Co (1867)
It was founded in Paris in 1848 under a different name, adding a London branch in 1857. In 1867 it became the English branch of Richard & Co., 24 Cannon Street, London. In France, this would be Richard et Cie.
James Richardson, Londres
Jas Richardson Liverpool eagle bird (1882) – Richardson London eagle bird (1882)
Watch manufacturer.
Ferdinand Roesing, Londres
Roses and trumpet (1878)
Rotherham & Sons, Londres y Coventry
Square trident serpent star (1915) – R&S within rhombus (1915) – RS trident (1915) – Star trident serpent (1915) – Arabic signs (1878) – Star trident serpent (1880)
Pocket watches and bracelet manufacturer since 1822. Also mount Swiss movements.
Royal Chronometer Company of Greenwich, Londres
Royal Greenwich lion circle (1886)
Clocks and chronometers
Thomas Russell & Sons Watch Co. Ltd, Liverpool
Manufacturer of watches and instruments. 1877
H.Samuel, Manchester
Registered Trade Mark Horse with rider H. Samuel
Founded in 1862, is a Watch merchant and others. Today it still works.
Samuel Brothers & Co, Londres
SB&Co rombo (1887)
Watch merchant. Also as Wellington Watch Co
William Sawkins
Ludwig y Wilhelm Schmidt, Birmingham
SH rombo (1876)
Watch merchant. Also like Richard Homer and Schmidt & Homer
Selfridge & Co. Ltd., Londres
Llave (1924)
Instrument and watch dealer.
Samuel Selim, Londres
George Burton London sextante (1881) – LWC sundial (1880)
Manufacturer of instruments and clocks. Also like Cohen & Samuel and The London Watch Co.
Services Watch Co. Ltd., Leicester
Horse with dog rider (1931) – Spectator runner (1931) – Golfer (1931) – Canoe (1931) – Correct Timing water boats (1929) – Horse polo player (1931) – Billiards (1931) – Skier (1931)
Watch manufacturer
Edward Richard Settle & J. Settle, Coventry
SS triangles circle (1876) – The Cyclist (1880)
Leon Sichel & Co, Birmingham
Eagle bird (1890)
Watchmaker, merchant and importer.
Isaac Silverston & Co, Birmingham
Thos Barclay & Son London anchors (1881)
Charles Simmons, Londres
Simmons London electric circuit (1883)
Manufacturer electric clocks
S. Smith & Sons Limited, Londres
S. Smith & Sons Limited Greenwich Time flecha (1932)
Pocket watches, movements and parts.
Fredrick Spikins, Londres
Piramides (1926)
Instrument maker
George Stockwell, Birmingham
GS (1915)
Import of watches. Also as Stockwell & Co. Ltd.
Edwin Streeter, Middlesex
Watchmaker and Jeweler.
William Thomas Sugg, Westminster
S En Avant star (1876)
George Sydenham, Birmingham
S.Bros cannon (1881)
Clocks and chronometers, also as Sydenham Brothers
Weill & Harburg, Londres
CF BB WCo (1886) – HCV inside the tower (1887) – The Ascot (1887)
Clocks. Also as Bartletts Building Watch Co and Louis Henry Weill
Philipp August Weiss, Londres
Cruz (1881)
Instrument maker
Thomas Wheeler, Lancashire
Trade Mark cruz (1883) – TW (1883)
watches and instruments
H.Williamson, Coventry
Coventry Astral llave (1910) – Empire (1920) – Sphinx esfinje (1919) – Globo Made England (1932) – Leon globo Empire (1920) – Salisbury llave (1910)
He started making watches in 1871, he also bought the Swiss Buren company, and the company operated until 1920 and then merged with Grimshaw & Baxter. Due to the great world depression in 1932 it was acquired by Smiths Industries.
Wilsdorf y Davis, Londres
W&D inside shield (1900?) – Aqua (1922) – Athlete (1938) – Oyster (1926) – Stelium (1931) – Cellini (1956) – Rolex (1908) – Zetex (1933) – Zeltex (1933)
It was founded in 1905 by Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis, and in 1915 it was renamed The Rolex Watch Company Ltd, and in 1919 it moved to Biel, Swiss.
Herbert Wolf, Liverpool
Wolf (1903)
watches and instruments
Wood’s Mail Order Stores Ltd, Liverpool
Spinney (1937)
Watch merchant.
George Woodcock, Coventry
GC&Co ave (1877)
Manufacturer of gold and silver watches. Also like G.Croft & Co.
Adolphe Woog, Londres
AW anchor (1876)
Import watches
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