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Bronnikov’s unique wooden pocket watches

For the first time on the wooden clock is mentioned in the press in preparation for gubernskoy exhibition of industrial and agricultural products in 1837. Zemskaya government invited artisans city, including the sixtieth iskusnomu turner Ivan Tihonovichu Bronnikovu and his son Semen, prepare exhibits. His father replied that “no condition to do anything,” and son would do “anything small thing.”
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After three months of Semen Bronnikov shown at the exhibition “little thing” – their first. At that time the mechanism otschityvayuschy time, yet was not available for all. And here – timber, a small amount of good otschityvayuschie minutes – the clock struck contemporaries!

These original hours, along with Makarov box heir to the imperial throne acquired, the future King Alexander II, who was at that time in Vyatke.

Elated by success, Vyatka square Semyon Ivanovich Bronnikov leaves other classes, and improved in manufacturing hours. In Vyatke and Moscow, he eksponiruet not only watch but skillfully made cufflinks, boxes, medallions.

In 1867, the Interior Ministry, proslyshav of outlandish hours, make an order for two pairs.

After a month and a half Bronnikovy (seeded Ivanovichem are now two of his sons – Nicholas and Michael) sent the clock to St. Petersburg.

To create a mechanism Bronnikovy use different woods: walnut, honeysuckle, palm, hardy bamboo, shell casing and manufacture of CAPA, dial adorned with insets of mother-of-pearl and bone. In “Pamyatnoy record Vyatskoy province for 1870 they write:” The clock more often working under orders from different ends of Russia, and often orders are the dozen … You must wonder art Bronnikova old man and his two sons, who have almost primitive tool grind out with the grace most minute supplies hours, they do not poryadochnogo lathe … ”

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This note explains how extraordinary skill watchmakers, because their products do not exceed four inches in diameter and cost more precious than gold.

We Seeds Ivanovic Bronnikova was seven sons. Thanks to his skill he was able to give them education, some even university.

The highest take-off glory watchmakers Bronnikovyh was the World Exhibition in 1873 in Vienna. It showed his skill have Nicholas and Michael, inherited from the father’s great skill. They sometimes worked in the four hands on one for hours, and several did, as evidenced by the inscriptions on the inner side of the lower lid. Unfortunately, not every hour to hold a signature. Already Bronnikovy brothers were in some mechanisms for greater durability than insert palm, as before, a metal spring.

At the same time, is gaining momentum, another artist from a family of famous watchmakers – Seeds Bronnikova grandson, son of Michael – Nicholas. In 1902, he eksponiruet Kapova hours at the All-Russian Exhibition in St. Petersburg.

Three generations Bronnikovyh created these unique, without parallel in world folk art products.

And every mechanism, every day was unique.

Bronnikovskie hours visited the exhibition in Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, St. Petersburg, have become parties to exhibitions in Vienna and Paris. And everywhere – diplomas, medals.

Need I say that the wood in a small amount of good otschityvayuschie hour clock struck contemporaries. And even a hundred years later, at the World Exhibition «Expo 67» in Montreal, wooden pocket watch Semyon Ivanovich inspire the public. A few hours Bronnikovyh made, for the recognition of the master, the world marvel at, go so far as it took one and a half centuries.

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