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Collecting watches with limited budget

Most collectors are always looking for that owner, who was himself waiting to be found. One story tells of how one collector went to the shop and asked the owner if they have any to sell some gold pocket watch. Pawn broker replied, “No, but I have a watch brand «23J» with silver casing for a good price.”

Collecting watches with limited budget

Even with that pocket watches were cheaper housing, the collector decided to investigate the movement. When he opened the back cover of hours to inspect the movement, there he saw engraved on a plate signature “24J Bunn Special” and immediately decided to buy these watches. The movement was working and in excellent condition. The Collector asked the price. The broker said that he is trying to get rid of the clock, but he did not get it, and if he wants to buy them, it is willing to sell them for $ 35. The collector bought a watch and replaced the silver body with gold-plated body “J. Boss”, and sold the watch a month later for $ 400. He spent a total of $ 100, when he sold his watch, he earned a profit of $ 300.

Most collectors like to have a watch that had been made in the centers of production hours or next to them and would be original in themselves. But consider pocket watches railroad conductors, such as «Bunn Special» in a cheaper package. The conductor was forced to buy a watch with a quality tool, even though he may have been in a cheaper package. The conductor should have a watch that meet certain standards established by the company. Hours must always assess the quality of their work, not only in appearance. American pocket watches railroad conductors were unsurpassed in reliability. They were in working condition for a long time and still very accurate, and that is what is their value today.

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Collecting clocks can be interesting, adventurous, and profitable hobby, even with limited budget. If you want to increase fourfold the success of your purchases, you must first have a lot of work, have persistence and permit insight, and knowledge to grow into profit. A good starting point should be a practical knowledge of how to operate a pocket watch. Learn the basic knowledge and skills, such as cleaning, tuning chassis springs and replacing anything. Not to be a watchmaker, but we need to examine the names of parts and what they do. If the hours you decide to buy, do not work, you need to know how much it will cost to repair them, and how many hours will cost after the removal of defects, in order to profit from future order or refuse these hours. Avoid pocket watch in an incomplete set.

An old clock with broken or missing parts of the road and difficult to restore. Some parts must be done manually. Unusual and hours of cheap production – is also difficult to restore. Start with a pocket watch, with a standard quantity of stones. The older watch, the harder it is for them to find spare parts. Buy an inexpensive handheld movement that is in working condition, and train with him. Buy a new movement, for which it will be possible to buy spare parts, and buy a book on the restoration of hours.

Study the price statistics, watch the changing interests of collectors and you will find success in this area.

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