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How to determine old watch manufacturer and age

In order to identify rare watch, look at the dial or the disk and determine a company’s products. If there is no name of the dial, it is necessary to search the information on the movement plate. Determine what country and/or city occurred watches. Name engraved on the reverse side, means “signature.” After determining the place of manufacture, look at what company produced watches in this city. Remember, some of the “hard – identified” watchs are quite valuable collectible. Therefore, it is important to be able to identify them.
old watch manufacturer determination
To establish the true manufacturer of the movement, it is necessary to study the structure, taking into account the size, number and location of precious stones, shape, layout of the disk (full or 3/4), the location of parts of the disk, screws, shape control, etc.

After the establishment of the manufacturer’s name, you should be interested clock’s age. This information can be obtained by using the serial number, written on the back side of the case. Often quite difficult to determine the exact age, but the following method will allow you to set the period of manufacture.

There are many distinctive features that allow you to know age of watches, manufactured before 1850. Manual winding regulator arrows, for example, contain important clues in determining age. However, no part separately can not be considered sufficient evidence to determine the age watchs. The clock must be considered as a whole. First, determine the country in which they were produced. For example: English over silver watch will be branded on the body, which will apply to the London list of brands to determine the date of manufacture after 1697. Many movements were placed in the cases, made a few years before or after the movement production.

A case, which contains a movement, is not a good clue to the movement definition, as well as the serial number of the case will not help. It was common practice for manufacturers to transfer movement jewelers and manufacturers of enclosures. The buyer chose the chassis to the movement. This explains why it is possible to find a cheap movement in the expensive case.

If the name and location of the manufacturer does not help you, maybe the label might be signed by the jeweler and its location. Some watches can be identified by comparing the models of each company until you find the correct model. Start by measuring the watchs and then compare the various forms and styles. And the charging controller arrows may also be a clue. The overall layout of the product relative to jewelry of precious stones on the dial or the watch case, and style controls, can help to identify the manufacturer of the product.

Number on the case can not be regarded as clues, because many of the good watchs could change the body and therefore have a different kind of numbers.

How to determine old watch manufacturer and age

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