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What to do with a gold vintage watch?

Golden antique watches, the so-called high-quality antiques, are a reliable investment. Surprisingly, they can be purchased for a fairly low price compared to the models from the new collections of the same watch brand. The advantage of vintage products is that they grow in price over the years. This is especially true of rare watches with complications (repeaters, chronographs, calendars, moon phases, etc.). It is easier to sell Swiss watches of the elite class, rather than cheap ones.

There are a great many works of watchmakers of the past centuries in the antique market. You must have special knowledge and understand the art of watchmaking in order to profitably buy or sell antiquity, which is of great artistic value. It is not possible quickly and easily determine the cost of vintage watches without the help of a specialist; there are a few factors influence this, such as the year of production, circulation, collection, variations, owner and much more.
Antique watch condition estimating
10 main points in determining the value of vintage watches:

  1. Identification. For a more accurate calculation, you need to know who is the manufacturer of watches, which model, class, year of production, circulation, quality and unique characteristics of watches.
  2. Year of production. In most cases, age is determined by the serial number indicated on any of the watch movements. Sometimes the year is determined by the movements style and the way they are created.
  3. Quality. Some watches are made of cheap materials, while others are of the best and most expensive with beautiful finishes. This is one of the key points in product value determining. The number of precious stones (the more, the higher the quality), the level of finishing of the movements, the material, the parts quality.
  4. Condition. There are 4 main categories: very poor condition, poor condition, good working condition and collection (perfect) condition. The ability to repair or restore watches by cleaning, polishing or restoring lost parts is taken into account. Sometimes a good condition becomes more important than metal casing and parts. The most severe damage is considered to be a broken enamel dial, its restoration will require large expenditures, time and labor of experienced craftsmen. The unpleasant problems also include the presence of rust and traces of oxidation, dents and deformation of the case, deep scratches on the case covers.
  5. Appearance. The unique and interesting dial (especially in excellent condition), unusual hands, engraved pattern on the case, visible movement will undoubtedly increase the watch cost.
  6. Material. Gold, gilding or other materials are all taken into account when evaluating a product.
  7. Authenticity. Above all, watches are valued in their original condition, as from a manufactory, without changing a single detail. In the watchmaking world, where there are many fakes, this factor plays an important role.
  8. Unique features. Special unique details are important for collectors, for example, a special trigger movement, or watches from a limited collection with characteristic movements or technical innovations.
  9. Rarity. Some watches are produced in large quantities, while others are limited in several copies. Not every watch is rare and especially valuable.
  10. Market trends. Watches and watch brands also come and go. To know these trends, you need to understand the watch market. You need to keep track of what prices are exhibited at auctions, online sites, special magazines, publications.
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Jewelry watch  
As for the gold watch, often their price is determined by the market value of the precious metal contained, and the movement does not represent special value.

However sometimes you may not take into account all these factors and expert opinions. Watches are worth the money they are ready to offer. But it is better to spend a little time and effort to determine the cost of vintage products on your own, or use the help of watch experts, who can professionally identify antique gold watch products and appreciate them high.

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