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A Practical Staking Set for Beginners

Staking Set for Beginners




This set consists of a small, solid base frame, ten punches, five stumps, plus a reamer holder, reamer, and jewel pusher for friction jeweling. The various pieces are all standard size and may be used in other staking sets. Additional punches, stumps or attachments, such as a roller remover (illustrated), can be added.

This type of punch is used to replace wheels on pinions, and to finish the riveting on balance staffs. It is a very versatile punch.

Round faced hollow punches are most commonly used to rivet over the countersinks on balance staffs and pinions.

This type of punch is used for peening (flattening or spreading metal) and for closing holes in plates or bushings.

The reamer holder and reamerREAMER HOLDER AND REAMER
The reamer holder and reamer are used in friction jeweling. They will fit all standard staking frames. Reamers for this holder are available in the following sizes (millimeter measurement):
.69 .99 1.39 1.79 .79 1.09 1.49 1.99 .89 1.19 1.59 2.29

This pusher is made with end sizes as listed below, which enables the watchmaker to remove, replace and adjust friction jewels and bushings, or to remove and replace balance hole and cap jewels in settings. Pushers can be made from 3/16 inch (4.7 mm) round steel stock, which should be hardened and tempered to a blue.
These end measurements are in millimeters:
1.85 2.10 2.65 .55 .85 1.30 .65 .75 .95 1.50 1.05 1.60

Stumps are useful when milled or recessed surfaces are to be worked on. The base of the frame is drilled to accomodate the stumps, as well as other attachments, such as a roller remover, which also can be used on the frame.

Watchmaker’s staking sets
The professional watchmaker's staking set usually contains from 80 to 120 punches and 20 stumps. More punches allow a greater variety of sizes to be handled. This is important to the watchmaker who has to work on many different makes of watches. Having the proper size punch readily available will

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